Gas-Filled Bubble Wrap Insulation

Insulapack™ is the most efficient bubble style insulation in the world. The strategically engineered bubbles are carefully filled with argon gas which displaces any moisture within the bubble and improves the thermal value by 30% over traditional air filled products. Argon is non-toxic and makes up nearly 1% of the air we breathe.

Insulapack™ passes UL723 with 0’ flame spread and 5’ smoke developed and CAN/ULC- S102.2 with 10’ flame spread and 10’ smoke developed. The placement of the bubbles on the foil enables Insulapack™ to be installed commercial duct applications without the “spacers” required by traditional bubble wrap insulation manufacturers. Without the spacers, contractors can install Insulapack™ in approximately 50% less time and save the entire cost of the spacers.

For a given R-Value, Insulapack™ requires up to 75% less thickness than fiberglass and weighs more than 75% less.

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R6 – 1/2" Thick Roll (4' W x 100' L), R8 – 3/4" Thick Roll (4' W x 100' L), R12 – 1-1/4" Thick Roll (4' W x 50' L)