LoSMOKE® PVC Jacketing Cut & Curl

35.5” or 48” Wide LoSMOKE® PVC Cut & Curl Jacketing

PVC Jacketing is offered in a variety of thicknesses and colors to protect mechanical insulation systems from environmental elements that threaten the integrity of the vapor retarder jacket.

LoSMOKE® is a registered trademark signifying compliance with ASTM E-84 Class A. The standard thickness of .020 mils is the and most common color is white with thickness of .020 mils. Other thickness available include .015, .030 and .040. A wide variety of colors are available and Proto has the ability to color match to a specifier’s preference. Color is often used by design engineers to identify cold and hot systems with blue and red.

Cut and Curl PVC is pre-cut, rolled to fit specific outside diameters and carefully baked in an industrial oven. Once cooled, each piece is perfectly round and engineered to fit perfectly over a given size of pipe size and insulation thickness with a 2”-3” overlap. An optional self-sealing lap allows an installer to peel a liner longitudinally which exposes an acrylic adhesive for easy install. PVC weld adhesive or approved caulk should be used as a final defense against moisture intrusion.

Cut and Curl PVC saves the installing contractor time and money by eliminating most of the field fabrication and reducing waste.