WC-7 Ultra Finish Weather Barrier

Water-Based Weather Barrier Breather Mastic

WC-7 Ultra Finish is a special version of Vimasco’s WC-7 water-based, vinyl-acrylic, general-purpose mastic which has been formulated to match many of the newer types of facings now being used by insulation manufacturers. It is an excellent match to the new Knauf facing and also newer facings from Owens Corning and Johns Manville.

WC-7 Ultra Finish is a breathing type mastic and is formulated to provide maximum protection from weather and mechanical damage at an economical price. It is suitable for application by brush, trowel, or spray (application method should be specified when ordering). Its normal recommended dry thickness for full-scale outdoor protection is 1/16” (63mils), but it also provides excellent protection at thinner thicknesses. A minimum dry film thickness of 40 mils is recommended. When dry, it provides a tough, durable, flexible film which affords excellent protection from the elements, other sources of water, and mechanical abuse at a wide range of temperatures. It retains a slightly glossy sheen after drying though this can dull some after lengthy exposure to UV light.

WC-7 Ultra Finish is resistant to fire, alkali, asphalts, salts, and mild acids and solvents. When properly applied and maintained, it will provide years of service life in a variety of environments. In most applications, the recommended dried film thickness for WC-7 Ultra Finish is 1/16”.